Our Specialties

With objectives as simple as fighting malodour or as intricate as creating a signature scent for a brand, ADS works thoroughly and specifically to figure out the right scent, tools, placement and installation in regards to site size, each project, each brand and each client. Our portfolio consists of:

  • Office

    A productive climate is both comfortable and stimulating. With the right combination of fragrances, you can transform your working space into one that builds a sense of belonging and encourages job performances.

  • Hotel

    Make guests feel welcome and indulged with a cosy, luxurious atmosphere that is true to your brand identity. Impress them with a signature scent that stands out among others in the hospitality industry.

  • Mall

    Making a great first impression is as important as leaving a memorable one. Create a beautiful shopping experience for visitors by inducing relaxation right from the moment they enter your lobby.

  • Stores

    Expedite sales through the sense of smell. Attract passerby with scents that captivates their attention, pique their interests and convince them to make a purchase.

  • Airports

    Complement the fast-paced environment with a unique, dynamic atmosphere that greets arriving travellers with a warm welcome and presents those departing with a memorable story.

Our System

Our system utilizes twin-fluid atomization technology which compresses air flow and high-speed flow and accelerates particle rotation. As a result, oils are separated into microparticles and then further into nanometer particles. The process involves no heating as it happens at room temperature and leaves no stain to interior elements or clothing.

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