Aroma Delivery System

Scenting system for business

ADS is a scent diffusing system specially created to distribute fragrance oils with premium selection of fragrance, through any air-ventilation or conditioning system with a micro processor control.
We help you brand stores and hotels with a pleasant and refreshing smell.

Diffusing System

Micro technology atomizer

Our diffusing system is well tested and specially designed to distribute the essential oils and special fragrance through any air-ventilation or conditioning system with our micro-processor control.
The process involves atomizing the oils and scents using nano technology and circulating it through the building airflow system.
This done without any dilution with other elements like water or alcohol to ensure the purest scent is circulated to the
environment and achieving desired ambience.

Fragrance Collection

Insipred by Nature

Customizing an exclusive scent is our speciality and we look forward to entertaining these requests. It can be from our collection of scents or more exclusive scents tailor-made, we are ready to work along with your team to even identify the suitable scent, help your brand and provide consultancy.

Research and Development

In order to adapt to customers’ needs, we continuously explore and invent new scents to add to our collection of essential oils. Our team of experts in product development is always ready to design unique fragrances that are custom-made according to specific request and brand identities.